Naomi Berry

Knowledge is the rediscovering of our own insight.” 


An Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model, Richard Schwartz, PhD - April 25-26, 2019

Hungry for Love, Alan Downs, PHD, - March 15, 2019

EMDR Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-REP), Beverlee Laidlaw-Chasse, MC, LPC, - March 2-3, 2019

Rebuilding Shattered Attachments: Healing Trauma in Couples Therapy, Michael Barnett, LPC and Silvina Irwin, Ph.D - October 19-20, 2018

Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences: Hope for a Healthier Arizona and Nation, Marcia Stanton, MSW - August 17, 2018

Owning the Right to Exist: Healing for the Adopted Young Adult, Leanne Lemire, MSW, LCSW - July 20, 2018

EMDR for Early Trauma and Neglect in Implicit Memory-When There Are No Words, Sandra L. Paulsen, Ph.D - February 23-24, 2018

Spirituality, Archetypes, and Trauma, Peter Levine, PhD - February 16, 2018

Healing the Whole Self: Treating Dissociation in Harmony with EMDR Therapy, Sarah A. Jenkins, MC, LPC - December 1, 2017

The Dance of Attachment: An EMDR Relational Approach, Deany Laliotis, LICSW - November 17-19, 2017

Trauma, Attachment & Neuroscience: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma, Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. - November 15

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals: Extending an Attachment-Based Model to Therapy with Individuals, Presented by Lorrie Brubacher - September 22-23, 2017

A Conversation About EFT and PTSD, Presented by Robin Potter, Ph.D. - August 19, 2017

Addiction and Trauma: Complexities of Treating the Young Adult, Presented by Claudia Black, Ph.D. - April 21, 2017

Brainspotting Phase 1 Training, Cherie Lindberg, LPC, NCC - March 24-26, 2017

Street, Script, and Synthetic: Addictive and Deadly, Stephanie Siete, Public Information Officer - March 17, 2017

Eating Disorder: Separating The Person From the Disease, Vicki Berkus, MD, Ph.D., CEDS - February 17, 2017

Trauma, Attachment and Addiction, Jon Caldwell, DO, Ph.D. - January 20, 2017

Treating Early Attachment Wounding, Lana Epstein, Ph.D. - January 13-14, 2017

The Marriage of EMDR and Ego State Theory in Couples Therapy, Barry Litt, LMFT - November 18-19, 2016

EMDR Tecent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP) and EMDR Group Traumatic Episode Protocol ( G-TEP), Beverly Chasse, LPC - October 1-2, 2016

Knowledge, Respect, and Compassion: The Keys to Working Effectively with Transgender Clients, Dianne Gottlieb Nicolls, MS, LMFT, BCPC - September 16, 2016

EFT 4-Day Externship, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Ph.D. and Mark Kaupp, Ph.D.- May 23-26, 2016

Trauma and Memory: Brain and Body in Search of Living Past, Peter Levine, Ph.D. - March 11, 2016

Treatment of Attachment and the Dissociative Sequel Through the Lifespan: Case Conceptualization with EMDR Therapy, Robbie Adler-Tapia, Ph.D. - February 26-27 2016

Heal Your Heart After Grief: Help Your Clients Find Peace After Break-ups, Divorce, Death and other Losses, David Kessler - January 26, 2016

An Integrative EMDR Therapy Approach To Treating Trauma, Addiction and Other Compulsive Behaviors, Susan Brown, LCSW - October 23-24, 2015

EFT Core Skills 4, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Ph.D. - October 15-16, 2015

EFT Core Skills 3, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Ph.D. - August 28-29, 2015

EMDR Weekend 2 Basic Training, Curtis Rouanzion, Ph.D. - July 31 - August 2, 2015

EFT Core Skills 2, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Ph.D. - July 15-17, 2015

EFT Core Skills 1, Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Ph.D. - June 5-6, 2015

What’s Sex Got to Do With It? EFT and Couples Sexuality, Dr. Lisa Gold - May 20, 2015

EMDR Basic Training Weekend One, EMDRIA, Dr. Gerald Puk - March 13-15, 2015

EFT 4 Day Externship, Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen and Dr. Mark A. Kaupp - March 5-8, 2015

Positive Psychology: Interventions That Work, Tim Desmond, LMFT - February 18, 2015

EFT In Action: Working with Trauma Couples, Pam Solem-Wesser, LPC - January 30, 2015

Mindfulness, Addiction and Spirituality, Chuck Fenigstein, MS.ED - January 9, 2015

The 10 Core Competencies of Trauma, PTSD, Grief and Loss, J. Eric Gentry, Ph.D. - November 30-December 1, 2014

EFT Couple’s Therapy Training, Sue Johnson, Ph.D. - October 31, 2014

Trauma and Attachment Focused Therapy, Terry M. Levy, Ph.D. and Michael Orlans, M.A. - October 30, 2014

The Ten Best Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques, Margaret Wehrenberg, Ph.D. - October 7, 2014

Wellbeing At Work: Positive Psychology Training, Jennifer Serlin, Ph.D. - October 3, 2014

Real World DBT: Adapting Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to Fit Your Practice, Connie Callahan, Ph.D. – August 22-23, 2014

Advanced Intensive 4 day Training: Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, Kim Olver, LPC – July 25-27, 2014

The Electrifying World of a Multigenerational Workforce, Susan W. Jernigan, LPC - April 25, 2014

Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace, Lacy Cox, LCSW - April 25, 2014

Veterans in the Workplace, Brian Mancini - April 25, 2014

Personality Disorders: The Challenges of the Hidden Agenda, Sharon Freeman Clevenger, Ph.D. - April 11, 2014

Treating Sleep Issues: When Counting Sheep Just Won’t Do, Vanessa Berens, Ph. D - March 21, 2014

Freedom From Fear and Anxiety: Powerful Evidenced Based Treatments, Daniel J. van Ingen, Psy.D. - February 14, 2014

Motivational Interviewing: Eliciting Clients own Arguments For Change, William J. Matulich, Ph. D - January 30, 2014

New Year, New Brain, Advances in Neuroscience Sue Shipman - January 15, 2014

Help Me Help Her: A Workshop to help therapists treat survivors of Domestic Violence, Jessica Yaffa - January 3, 2014

Neuroscience for Clinicians: Brain Changes for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods and Substance Abuse, C. Alexander Simpkins, Ph.D., Annellen M. Simpkins, Ph.D. - November 15, 2013

The Four Gifts, A Grief Process, Gigi Veasey, LCSW, LISAC - November 1, 2013

Gottman Level 1; 2 Day Couples Training, Sam Garanzini, MFT - October 2013

Basic Intensive 4 Day Training: Reality Therapy/ Choice Theory, Douglas Walker, MS - September 12-15, 2013

Naomi Berry, LPC earned her BS in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Master of Counseling from the University of Phoenix-Mental Health Counseling. She is licensed in the state of Arizona and a nationally credentialed therapist with the National Board of Certified Counselors (NCC). Naomi is a professional member of Arizona Emotionally Focused Therapy Community (AzEFT), International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), American Counseling Association (ACA), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association (EMDRIA), Arizona Counselors Association (AzCA) and Past Board Vice President of Employee Assistance Professional Association of Central Arizona (Azeapa).