Naomi Berry

"Between every stimulus and response there is a space. 
In that space is our power to choose our response. 
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."  


-Viktor FrankL

I think there comes a time in most everyone’s life when they ask themselves some important, meaningful and potentially life changing questions about where and who they are, if they want to keep doing what they’re doing and if they are truly living an authentic life. That time came for me while going through the major life transition of a divorce with three small children. It was during this soul-searching and difficult period of change that I took stock of my life and explored what the next stage of my life could look and feel like. I realized that while I had built a successful retail business, what had brought me the most joy and fulfillment was helping people face-to-face. Whether as a mother, friend, employer or serving on a board, it was making a difference in someone’s life that brought the most meaning. In looking back, I am now grateful for that painful experience that shifted my perspective and helped me rediscover my purpose in life. 

I enjoy working with all kinds of people on a variety of issues, but was drawn to specific specialties because they touch me personally and are so prevalent in today’s society. I am passionate about helping people navigate life transitions because, while they can be difficult and traumatic, they can also be profound opportunities for change and catalysts for growth. Change is never easy, but it is one of the only things we can truly count on in life. And, we all go through major life transitions, such as having a baby or struggling with infertility as I did, a divorce or becoming an empty nester. Trauma and anxiety are also prevalent in our culture, and often impact our ability to live openly and authentically. Nearly everyone will experience some kind of trauma in their life, and, regardless of how big or small, trauma can have a profound impact on our ability to trust and experience joy in life. Anxiety can also significantly impact our ability to engage with others and make meaningful connections. I’ve had great success working with people suffering from trauma and anxiety, and these two challenges often go hand-in-hand. I know from experience that a skilled, compassionate therapist can provide the support, skills, guidance and insight to help manage symptoms and live an empowered, meaningful and authentic life. 

In addition to working with individuals, I have come to truly love working with couples. I was initially attracted to relationship counseling because of the experience I had going through divorce and then cultivating a healthier, authentic relationship with my second husband. Because intimate relationships can be so important to our overall wellbeing, it became my personal mission to discover what makes relationships healthy and sustainable. I recognize how many obstacles couples face, especially in today’s world with the additional challenges that can come with navigating breakups, divorce, remarriage, co-parenting and blending families. A healthy relationship with a partner ultimately begins with cultivating a healthy, loving relationship with ourselves. But, there are also highly effective ways that we can relate with our partners that took me years of personal and professional experience to learn. Today, I love sharing this information and helping my clients cultivate and maintain healthy, secure relationships within their intimate partnerships and families. 

The foundation of my work is to help my clients become authentically self-actualized. That process and end result looks different for everyone. But, I know both personally and professionally that you can discover what holds value and meaning, take steps to live those values and find true fulfillment in your life. I understand and appreciate that life can be difficult at times, and we will face roadblocks and challenges. But, with my help, as a highly trained and understanding therapist, along with your willingness to work for change, it is possible to turn pain into joy—even if it feels messy and uncomfortable along the way. While we share so many similarities as human beings, we are also each so different, which is why I will get to know what makes you unique and help you discover your own authentic answers. I bring empathy, warmth, compassion and skill into each session. I believe in taking a holistic—mind, body and spirit—approach to growth and healing, not just treating symptoms. 

While I am deeply connected to and passionate about my work, I also believe in cultivating a healthy life/work balance. Outside of the office, I love spending time with my family and engaging in nourishing forms of self-care. I also love to travel. I find people, cultures, places and religions fascinating. I enjoy learning about how different people experience life, as well as discovering the commonalities that tie us all together. 

I invite you to call my office at at 480-427-3553 to schedule a free 15-30 minute phone consultation or contact me here. I look forward to discussing your specific needs and therapy goals and answering any questions you have about my practice. 

Naomi Berry earned her BS in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Master of Counseling from the University of Phoenix-Mental Health Counseling. She is licensed in the state of Arizona and a nationally credentialed therapist with the National Board of Certified Counselors (NCC). Naomi is a professional member of Arizona Emotionally Focused Therapy Community (AzEFT), International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), American Counseling Association (ACA), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association (EMDRIA), Arizona Counselors Association (AzCA) and Past Board Vice President of Employee Assistance Professional Association of Central Arizona (Azeapa). Naomi has also trained in numerous modalities. Please refer to training page. Certified in EMDR therapy by The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA).  I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional by the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP)